On 15th of April, 2019, Khoai publishing house started a journey with new dreams and lot of hope. The journey of the right path can never be smooth, It was not possible to walk this path so easily. However, with your love and good wishes we have come a long way, there is still lot more left. Khoai Publishing House started its journey in 2019 with only two books. After a journey of two years & three months Currently we are in 60 titles. We are glad that our books of different genres can reach the readers. Which include social story, thriller, corporate thriller, detective thriller, and in the other hand mythology, mythological thiller, mythological friction with children’s story & book based on food.
We believe that there are many writers across India who can take Bengali literature to another level if they given an opportunity. We know that they are unable to express their talents in front of everyone, only due to lack of proper opportunities.
Our goal is to bring these hidden gems into the limelight. We want to evaluate their talents properly and to give them the respect they deserve as a writer. Our objective is to give them that platform. Because, we rely on the word, not the name of the author. Afterall we only believe on talents.
Today, two years and three months after the starting of Khoai publishing house’s journey, we have been able to bring this website in front of you. We are glad to inform you that you can buy your favorite books from this Khoai Publishing House’s website.
We are thankful to all of those writers and readers who stayed with us on this journey from the beginning. We believe you will be with us everytime in this new endeavor.

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